Is it possible that a prostate infection killed all my sperm?

No. A prostate infection is an infection in the prostate gland. Sperm are made in the testicles and would not be affected by a prostate infection.

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Is it possible to find a prostate infection in sperm culture (it does contain prostate fluid, but if it's enough to say about prostate infection).

Prostatic massage. Semen is not an ideal specimen to diagnose prostate infection. A better method is to collect a specimen by prostatic massage.
In a sperm analysis. Yes, we can sometimes diagnose a acute or chronic prostate infection.

Will a prostate infection turn your sperm a yellowish green?

Here are some… The color of semen may widely vary along lifespan and should carry no health concern as long as being comfortable in urination and daily living. Of course, seek professional evaluation and counseling if you've further concern one way or the other. Best wish…

I've had prostate problems before, burning urination, soreness can a prostate infection cause your sperm to be a deep yellow color?

Uncertain cause. The color of the semen can vary. It can be yellowish or milky. It is uncertain what gives a constant color. However in the face of inflammation of prostate which will cause bleeding and red blood in the semen, with time the blood can appear brown and then turn yellow. But it clears up in time. Same events can happen after biopsy of prostate. You can certainly have semen analysis and or culture.