I had sty in right eye wied stye out and put hand sanitizer in it even tryed to pop it and its been longer then a month and the and the bump small still ther don't hurt but still there why is bump still there and why wont go away it was a stye.

Style = chalazion. This is a plugged oil gland in the eye lid. Treatment is hot compresses , wet wash cloth heated in the microwave, for 10 minutes at least 3 or 4 times a day. This requires 4-6 weeks to resolve and is the least invasive treatment. If the. Style is big it can be drained it the office, not on your own..
The . The worst thing you could do is put a hand sanitizer near your eye, as well as try and "pop" the stye. For proper treatment of chronic/recurrent styes, you need to see your eye care professional.