At times mostly in ther morning and sometimes throughtout the day I couch and hard mucus flies out of mouth when I cough what does this mean? I smoke a pack of smokes a day. .. Thank you for your attention to my question.

Bronchitis. I am concerned that because of your smoking you are developing chronic bronchitis. These patients will produce significant amounts of mucus several months of the year if not all year long. The best treatment is to stop smoking. Certain medications may decrease the amount of mucus you produce.
Cough . Cough is among the most common problems that bring people to seek medical attention. Acute cough lasts less than three weeks, and is generally caused by acute infection; bronchitis or pneumonia. Subacute cough (lasting three to eight weeks) and chronic cough (longer than eight weeks) usually represent non-infectious etiologies, including post nasal drip, asthma, and reflux exophagitis. Some medications are known to be associated with coughs. Somewhat surprisingly, when a team of doctors at the university of massachusetts studied the question of whether the presence or absence of mucus or sputum production helps to explain the cause of a cough, the results suggested that this factor does not aid in pinpointing a possible reason that a patient may be coughing. Although lung cancer is the cause of chronic cough less than two percent of the time, it should be considered in any current or former smoker, particularly under the following circumstances: -a change in the chronic "smoker's cough" -a cough persisting over a month after stopping tobacco use -coughing up blood when not coughing up mucus. Everyone with a cough lasting two months should see a doctor and get a chest x-ray.