Should I be ok with my dad remarring after mom past way it hasn't even been a year and a half yet. It was only months after my mom past away that he started going out with her. I tryed to get along with her the best that I could but then she started askin

An individual. Issue. U did not mention ages so i will give you an advise. Death of a spouse is very traumatic. However, your mom probably would like to see daddy happy and not alone. We are social creatures, loneliness is depressing and depression kills. You be the good daughter who should support your dad and try to be very accommodating versus his new wife. Be civil. You want a good relationship with him.
I . I can understand your concern. You loved your mom, and you are still sad about that. Your relationship with your dad is also important to you, and you don't want to feel like you are losing him. You are not going to lose him, but it is hard when he develops new relationships. Just give it time, and keep reaching out to him, and also to her if you can. You sound like a mature, caring person, and eventually this will work out.