Is sensitivity to light normal after cataract surgery? I am a sixty year old who had cataract surgery three weeks ago. I am finding that every time I go outside, I need to wear sunglasses because my eyes are extremely sensitive to the light. Is this a per

The . The light sensitivity after cataract surgery usually improves rapidly. The eyedrops used after cataract surgery reduce inflammation and improve the light sensitivity.
Can be. Sensitivity to light can be normal after cataract surgery and usually improves, as your eyes adjust to the more light after surgery. It can also be a side effect from artificial lens implants for some people, if this is the case, it may improve a little but will persist. It can also be a sign of inflammation(uveitis), and usually gets worse and becomes painful, and you need to see your surgeon.
Yes. Even a clear lens in the eye can filter some light out. After cataract surgery with removal of the cataract the brain has to get used to the lack of filtering and brightness. Even modern designed lenses don't replace the effects of the normal clear lens. Patients have always stated the increase vibrancy of all colors after cataract surgery.This is usualy temporary but can be permanent.
Light sensitivity . After cataract surgery, it is normal to a little light sensitive. Dry eye commonly occurs in the postoperative healing period as well which can also stimulate more significant light sensitivity. Try using frequent artificial tears. If no improvement, see your surgeon since persistent inflammation and other issues can cause similar symptoms and may require further treatment.