How safe is alloderm for people suffering from auto-immune diseases? I am suffering from myasthenia gravis for a long time now. I am on a moderate dose of corticosteroids for my condition. I know that they suppress the immune system and also slow down hea

Alloderm . Alloderm is a processed human skin graft which results in an acellular dermal matrix which can be used for a variety of purposes, including treatment of wounds, reconstructive surgery and hernia repairs. Unlike allograft skin grafts (i.e. Skin from another human), which are eventually rejected, the proprietary processing technique retains the normal collagen bundling and intact basement membrane complex of skin, but without the components (skin and connective tissue cells) that cause an immune reaction. In one study (wainwright dj: use of an acellular allograft dermal matrix (alloderm) in the management of full-thickness burns. Burns. 1995 jun;21(4):243-8) alloderm was used in burn patients and the patients did not demonstrate a specific immune response, either by histology or immunologically. In addition, in your case, the use of corticosteroids would blunt any immune reaction, minimizing the possibility of an immune reaction. This would howver, slow down the healing process, due to the effect of corticosteroids on wound healing.
Not recommended. In general, use of alloderm in patients exhibiting autoimmune connective tissue disease is not recommended. Be certain to discuss this with you surgeon and physician.