Is it possible to have another healthy pregnancy after the third c-section I am 2 months pregnant with my fourth child all 3csec I am two months pregnant with my fourth child and all of my children were delivered by C-section can I have another one withou

C-section for sure. Ob practice has changed. Vaginal birth after c-section (vbac) was popular 15-20 years ago. Current literature indicates increased risk of uterine rupture with vbac. Given the contentious medical malpractice with deliveries that are not "perfect", as well as the literature cited above, vbac has become a thing of the past.
IT . It is very very possible! if there is any concern that there is a problem with the uterus late in gestation then you would be delivered prior to your due date (weeks! if necessary, after the lung status of the baby is determined). Hang in there! :) dr. Josh.