Lately everything tastes and smells funny and I do not have a cold or am I sick. I am also having trouble remembering things. I am a female 12/20/62.

Many possibilities. Don't always have to think worst. Many medications can cause altered sensation. Decreased memory in mid-life can also be medication related, but more frequently i see it in my patients with disturbed sleep patterns. Of course, there are many scarier possibilities since all your symptoms are neural: infection, stroke, chronic and immune diseases, tumors so see your doc for a thorough physical.
Altered . Altered smell (kakosmia) and taste (dysgeusia) are not uncommon neurologic symptoms that have numerous causes. Kakosmia is more uncommon and has been associated with olfactory hallucinations that one can see in temporal lobe seizures. Dysgeusia is more common and can be brought on by tooth and gum infections, vitamin deficiencies, heavy metal intoxication, and medications. Seizures could also produce the memory troubles you speak about and thus i believe you should see a neurologist and consider an eeg. I hope this helps.