Which glaucoma treatment medications will not not dry my eyes out even more? I have dry eyes, and I recently found out that I have angle-closure glaucoma as well. While researching glaucoma treatments, I read that some medications can cause dry eyes. I wo

Glaucoma treatment. You should consider preservative free glaucoma meds (such as travatan-z, Cosopt pf, zioptan, timolol pf). You can also consider laser treatment (peripheral iridotomy or iridoplasty). See your eye doctor.
I've . I've found that Xalatan (latanoprost) is one of the best tolerated of all of the glaucoma medications. Sometimes it is the preservative in the medication that is the most irritating and can cause a toxic conjunctivitis/keratitis that looks a lot like dry eyes. However, if the glaucoma is severe and you really need the ocular pressure lower then sometimes it is worth it to continue the glaucoma medications and treat the toxicity or dryness at the same time with other medications. It's a lot of drops but worth it to preserve vision. I have no financial interests in Xalatan (latanoprost) or any other glaucoma medications. Best regards, jc.