Is glaucoma inherited genetically? My father has a lot of trouble dealing with his glaucoma problem. He is using eye drops and other medicines. He is even considering having a surgery next year. What are the things I can do to be prepared in case I inheri

You . You are correct that there are some genetic predispositions for glaucoma. There are several types of glaucoma and some are more genetic than others. I recommend a full eye examination to look for several risk factors for glaucoma. Depending on your individual risk then you might want an annual eye exam in order to detect any development or progression of the disease. Best regards, jc.
Inheritance. There is evidence that glaucoma is genetically inherited. This is just one risk factor. It is a good idea to have a yearly eye exam. There are some genetic markers that you could have tested but they are very expensive. Yearly eye exams are the best thing to do now.
Yes and no. Yes it is genetic but not 100%. Best thing, and the only thing is to get checked out by your eye doctor and be seen regularly every year.