Can corticosteriod shots in my ankle cause bilateral avascular necrosis in my hips? I had two ankle surgeries in the 1990s. The doctor said I had nerve entrapment, I was shot a couple times a year with corticosteriods. I now have bilateral avascular necr

No. Unless you received injections into your hip the association with the avascular necrosis of your hips is not possible. Long term oral steroid use has been associated with a higher incidence of avascular necrosis but you did not receive this and thereforeminsee no correlatin.
There . There are many causes of avascular necrosis of the hips. It is generally considered safe to inject in the joint as there it has less systemic effects. Steroids can cause avn however it is usually attributed to long term use of steroids by mouth. Other causes of avn include chronic alcohol use, blood disorders, and about a 1/3 that have no known risk factors.