I have head pressure just srarted recent;ly ibuprofin and nasal decongestants are not working - I had a crackling sound in my ea ears. It comes and goes - I am exercising and I don't get light headed or dizzy when doing so. Just a throbbing in my temple a

Many causes. You should see a neurologist. This could be migraine or temporal headaches or tension headache or may need an mri.
One . One possibility is that you have fluid behind your ear drums. This can occur after a viral infection or when the eustachian tubes, that drain from the ears into the throat, become plugged or aren't functioning properly. You are doing the right thing to try nasal decongestants and ibuprofen, and you could try periodically performing "yawns" (gently opening your mouth wide) to try to open up your eustachian tubes, but if these don't help your symptoms a physician may be able to prescribe other medications that could help. If you develop fever, headache, ear pain, or other new symptoms than please seek medical evaluation.