What will my vision be after lasik surgery? I am severely nearsighted and currently wear glasses that correct my vision to nearly 20/20. I am concerned that laser eye surgery will not be able to restore my vision to that level. Can lasik return my vision

If . If your ophthalmologist feels that you qualify for lasik surgery, then there is a good chance that you will reach the 20/20 level after lasik surgery, as over 90% of patients undergoing lasik reach 20/20 after surgery. However, not everyone qualifies for lasik (especially those patients with high levels of nearsightedness such as over -10.0 d) and not everyone achieves 20/20 vision. My advice would be to have your eyes evaluated and then ask your surgeon to give you an estimate of what your particular chances are for reaching 20/20.
The . The most important issue is whether your prescription is appropriate for lasik or whether an alternate technology would be best. Issues to consider would be the level of nearsightedness balanced with the curvature of your cornea and the thickness of your cornea. If all factors are in your favor, you should anticipate good vision if custom wavefront laser treatment is performed. The higher the correction, the greater is the chance for fine-tuning. Your surgeon should be able to give you a good estimate of the chance of your needing a fine-tuning procedure or enhancement. My highly nearsighted patients are astounded at the huge change in their lifestyle when surgery is finished. I had a patient a few weeks ago tell us that he felt much more confident with himself now that he did not have to depend on his glasses or contact lenses. He told us that he had never seen as well with glasses or contact lenses as he did after his lasik surgery. I cannot stress the importance of finding a reputable refractive surgeon who is willing to tell you that lasik is not appropriate for you and your eyes. Not everyone should have lasik, some may be better candidates for surface ablation prk and some may not be a good laser candidate at all and would be better with an intraocular procedure such as a phakic iol.
Lasik. Lasik can correct up to -10 diopters of near-sightedness if everything else is normal. As long as your prescription is in this range, you should be able to correct your vision.