Will I experience a lot of scarring with a neck lift? I'm having surgery to tighten up my fleshy neck. How much scarring does a typical patient experience from a neck lift procedure? What kinds of things can I do after I have the surgery to lessen the app

A little. Necklift scars are mostly well hidden, commonly people already have a scar in that location from childhood. Sun protection is most important after surgery.
Depends. These scars generally heal favorably and are strategically placed to remain inconspicuous. However, your history of scarring, skin complexion, surgeon's technique, amount skin removed and tension of closure all play a role. You must discuss this with your surgeon. Afterwards- you may not need scar therapies but lasers, silicone gels, vitamin e, steroids and others may be used depending on surgeon.
The . The size of the scar depend on technique and skin redundancy. If only skin is pulled, the scar will stretch a lot. Must nave a good platisma suspension to mastoid area for better support and definition.