Would a rhinoplasty make me more susceptible to nose bleeds? I get nosebleeds occasionally. Will having a rhinoplasty increase this occurance? Should I expect a few nosebleeds after the surgery?

Not usually. Rhinoplasty should not predispose you to nosebleeds in the long term. It is common to have some bloody drainage from your nose for the first few days after surgery.
No. Rhinoplasty will not make you more susceptible to nose bleeds, and may diminish them if you also have a deviated septum repaired.
Possible . Possible but rare. Expect no change in bleeding pattern.
Not in the long term. Bleeding for 1-2 days after a rhinoplasty is expected and very normal. The risk of heavy bleeding is usually reduced by stopping certain medications (aspirin, nsaids, fish oil, vit e, etc) 1-2 weeks prior to surgery. Make sure you tell your surgeon about your propensity for nosebleeds before your procedure so that he or she may look for potential risks.