What does this mean? I am female, 22 years old, 110 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches tall. I recently had a CT scan and it said this, "follicular change is seen in the ovaries. There is fluid in the endometrial canal. There may be septate uterus. There is hypo-

Could be normal. Follicles are what mature an egg prior to ovulation - these ebb and flow during every month, so that's normal. Fluid in the endometrial canal could also mean that you have ovulated and your uterine inner lining is becoming more friendly to welcome and nurture sperm. The divided uterus could be an issue, but most likely (if the report is not definitive) it should not affect your fertility.
Few things. Follicular change and fluid in the canal are normal findings in someone of your age. A septated uterus is a malformation of the uterus where the cavity is divided in two. Its not dangerous but can make it harder to get pregnant. It is also treatable. It would be a pretty hard diagnosis to make on a ct scan. I would suggest getting an ultrasound or MRI to confirm.
Follicular . Follicular changes in the ovaries are a normal finding in ovulating women. Fluid in the endometrial canal may represent menstrual flow. A septate uterus is one that contains a "septum" or dividing wall or membrane separating part of the endometrial canal (inside of the uterus) into two parts. This is difficult to see on a ct scan but better seen on an MRI (magnetic resonance image.) the hypo-attenuation may represent a fibroid or growth/collection of smooth muscle in a sort of ball. Fibroids are also better seen on an MRI or even a ultrasound. Why did you get the ct scan?