Would a non-surgical nose job fix my crooked nose? I came across a website that was mentioning non-surgical nose job for reshaping the nose. I got hit in the nose as a kid with a baseball bat, now I'm in my 50's. I was wondering if this is really effectiv

DEviated septum... ...Is likely with an injury, and nonsurgical intervention would not address that at all.
Nonsurgical nosejob. It is possible to use fillers like restylane, (dermal fillers) juvederm and Radiesse into the nose to correct some deviations. The results can be excellent if done properly. However, the results are not permanent and only a nosejob (rhinoplasty) can give you a permanent result.
Disguise not fix. A non surgical rhinoplasty is a way to temoorarily camouflage a broken nose but not fix it. This conceals or covers the underlying deformity but does niot repair the underlying deformity. For examples see the following link and attached video: http://www.Bodysculptor.Com/skin-procedures-chicago/non-surgical/.
Depends . Depends on you expectations. Consider Radiesse (dermal fillers) ( last about 12 months) or fat injections that is more permanent.
If . If your nose is very obviously crooked, then no, this technique probably won't do it for you. Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves injecting a filler to disguise minor contour problems. It works well to hide a small bump on the nose, or fill in minor irregularities after a surgical rhinoplasty.