What other options are there for liposuction around the abdomen area? I don't want to have the long recovery period, or the anesthesia. I've heard of smart-lipo. Does that really help?

Somewhat. Do not expect the same result as with traditional liposuctions from smart lipo. Smart lipo is just for small amount of fat for normal weight or thin patients. Recovery is not shorter. That's the time your body needs to heal and you cannot shorten it.
Depends. This depends both on your plastic surgeon, as well as the amount and location of the procedure. Some areas will require general anesthesia, whereas other will just require sedation. Talk to your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist and work out the best plan for you.
Yes. Smartlipo is liposuction with the assistance of a laser to reduce bruising and improve skin contraction. The procedure can be done without general anesthesia. Recovery is usually quick, although you may be sore in the area for 1-2 weeks.