Can I have laser liposuction if I have diabetes and kidney problems? I would like to have it performed on a few areas of body as I have read some positive things about it. First I need to know if having my health conditions precludes me from having laser

Possibly. Patients with medical “problems” are sometimes able to undergo elective plastic surgical procedures. These patients should have the medical conditions under good control; evaluation by their family practitioners/ internist is important prior to proceeding. This pre-operative “clearance” will provide your plastic surgeon with helpful information. Best wishes.
Yes. You can have liposuction, laser or not if your kidney function and diabetes are well controlled. You will need to get a medical clearance prior to liposuction by your internist.
Consultation. You will require a full consultation to determine if the procedure is right for you. You will require clearance with your primary care physician to determine if the procedure is safe for you.
If . If you are willing to take the risks and the plastic surgeon finds you a low risk patient, why not. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.