Does dysport leave any visible marks or scars? I have deep creases between my eyebrows and wrinkles on my forehead. I want to soften them, but creams are not working, and I don't want to do anything if it is obvious that I have had a procedure. Does dyspo

Dysport. there can be a red mark at the site of injection but that would be a temporary thing.
Dsyport tiny needle. Injections of Dysport are done with a tiny needle so you won't see any scars and no mark beyond some possible small redness for a short while at the point of injection. Dysport can be adjusted to get a very smooth effect or less so that you retain much of your regular expression but soften the creases.
No, . No, consider a filler or fat check with a board certified plastic surgeon.
Dysport . Dysport and Botox are both injections. They don't leave a scar. However, if the creases are deep, and present all the time, neither Dysport nor Botox will eliminate them without other treatments, such as filler injections, fat grafting or a brow lift. See your local plastic surgeon to discuss the options.