Can you wear contacts lenses after cataract surgery? I have always worn contact lenses instead of glasses. After my cataract surgery, will I be able to wear contact lenses? If so, how long do I need to wait after my surgery to begin wearing them again?

Easy answer-yes. I would hope that your cataract surgery corrected your distance vision, or both distance and near vision with the intraocular implant placed in your eye durung surgery.. There would be no need for contacts post operatively. If you needed an additional correction after cataract surgery, contact lenses could be used about 6 to 8 weeks post op.
Yes. Most often your refractive error (the need for contacts) can be corrected with the cataract surgery, and you will not need contacts. But if you do, i recommend waiting 30 days before wearing contacts. See your eye doctor to determine power and when.
Cataract surgery. You have a good chance that you may not need either after surgery. It takes a little time for your prescription to stabilize so i typically wait about 1 month before prescribing glasses or contact lenses.
The . The lens implant that is placed in the eye with cataract surgery should reduce or eliminate the need for optical correction after surgery. While it is certainly possible to wear contact lenses after cataract surgery, it is usually not necessary. You should review the lens implant options that are available.