Which kind of lasik is appropriate for me? I am nearsighted and worry I may develop a need for reading glasses later in life. I have read that there are two types of lasik eye surgery. Is conventional or wavefront best for me?

Wavefront LASIK. Wavefront lasik and conventional lasik both work very well to help improve vision. You would need to see your own doctor to see which option is best for you. The answer is made more difficult, because the visx laser works best with wavefront, while another popular laser (allegretto) works best with conventional lasik. So - please see your own doctor.
Lasik. All patients will need reading glasses after 45-50 years of age unless a monovision ablation is performed. The decision between convention or wavefront ablation depending on your particular measurements. Ask your lasik surgeon.
You've . You've actually asked two very good questions in one. Presbyopia (loss of near vision) can be treated with lasik most commonly by treating one eye for distance and one eye for near. This type of lasik is called "monovision" and is currently fda approved for myopia. The difference between conventional and wavefront is more about the degree of correction. Conventional treatments treat the common "glasses prescription" of sphere and cylinder. Wavefront treats "higher order aberrations" which are more complex than the typical glasses prescription. In other words, it treats more error in a more sophisticated fashion and achieves better postoperative vision than conventional treatments in almost every study in the medical literature. In my opinion there are only rare circumstances where conventional treatments are preferrable to wavefront. This is a good thing to discuss with your refractive surgeon when you go for your consultation. Best regards, jc.

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Can I get lasik eye surgery to correct my nearsightedness?

There are. Parameters that must be measured to see if you would be a good candidate for lasik. You need to see an ophthalmologist to measure these parameters then determine if you could have it done. Correcting the distance vision will make it so you will need glasses to focus to read, close up. Read more...

Should I get lasik eye surgery to correct my nearsightedness at age 18?

You can. You certainly do not have to have lasik to improve your vision, but by 18 you become a candidate for the procedure (assuming that your prescription has not been changing significantly and there are no other issues related to your eyes). If you would like to know whether you can take advantage of laser eye surgery, visit an ophthalmologist who specializes in lasik for a (often) free consult. Read more...
Depends. At age 18, many patients have prescriptions that have not stabilized. If your prescription is stable, you could consider moving forward with laser vision correction. Read more...