Can a fat transfer make my face look younger? I have bags under my eyes and sunken cheekbones, not to mention the wrinkles around my eyes, nose, and mouth. Can I get a fat transfer to fill in some areas and smooth out my face without getting a facelift?

Fat is great. A youthful face is typically a fuller face, and fat injections are a great way to restore that look. However, fat does not necessarily replace surgical repositioning of tissue through lower eyelid surgery or facelift surgery.
Facial Fat Transfer. Aging involves loss of facial volume in addition to textural changes and sagging. Fat transfer is an excellent way to improve facial fat atrophy. See the following link: http://drnichter.Com/fat-grafts-face-buttocks-breast/.
Fat . Fat in the face can definitely be a youthful feature, and there is no question that most people lose fat and the fat heads south with age. Therefore, fat grafting can be a useful tool as can facial implants and of course lifting or tightening procedures. Each case is different, so the best thing to do is to visit a board certified plastic surgeon who can create a treatment plan to meet your goals.
Yes! Fat grafting is a method that takes fat (liposuction) from other areas of the body and injects it into the desired areas to sculpt the appearance. Fat grafting works in the same way as cosmetic fillers, but it uses an individual's own fat to replace volume to the cheeks or the under eye area. Cosmetic fillers can also be used to restore volume to the cheeks, lips, and hands.
Fat transfer. A fat transfer accomplished by experienced hands can rejuvenate the face by improving volume loss. The goals and results of fat transfer differ from a facelift but the two procedures can be combined to optimize your results.
Absolutely! Yes! a youthful face is full of fat. As we age we lose fat and also our fat descends along with the skin and all tissues of the face. Fat transfer can be done to help restore the youthfulness of a face, however it cannot replace a facelift and i usually perform fat transfers simultaneously as a facelift.
Good option. Fat transfer can be a great option in the right patient. Bone loss and subcutaneous tissue loss with age lend to tissue deflation that contributes to many of the issues you mentioned. Fat can help restore youthful volume to the face. Discuss this with your surgeon to make sure they understand your concerns and you have a realistic expectation of the results.
For sure! Yes you may be an excellent candidate for fat grafting. Meet with an experienced surgeon to discuss the potential risks, alternatives, and benefits as well as adjunctive procedures. Quite often i recommend that individuals first try injectable or reversible fillers to predict and assess the effects of fat prior to undergoing the surgical fat transfer.