What is the best way to choose the size of my breast implants? I'm going to have breast augmentation in a few months, but I'm having a hard time deciding how large to go. I am an a cup now, but I'm not a small-framed person; I weigh about 165 pounds and I

You need to be sized. Your plastic surgeon will take measurements to determine what size implant will fit your body appropriately. You should try placing that size implant into your bra to determine if that size implant produces the look that you want. From there, you may select an implant that is smaller or larger, as desired. http://www.dassmd.com/breast-augmentation/index.html.
Implant size. . Ask your doctor to lend you some sample implants. Wear them in your bra and you will get an approximate idea of the size changes. Final decisions are made with your surgeon who should be able to guide you. Size is only one variable. Discuss shape and contour. There are several types of implants with a whole new generation of implant being released now.
Sizers. Your doctor should be able to look at your body and tell you a recommendation that will look most natural. We also us sizers provided by the implant company as well as a portrait 3d machine to digitally show you what you will look like after surgery.
Talk to your doc. I commonly ask my patients to bring a photo of what they would like their breasts to look like after surgery. If it is realistic, i discuss this with the patient and i can choose the size and the style of implants for them based on their body and breast characteristics.
Pick a proportional. Size. I find the combination of measuring your frame, and then having your try on several sizer implants that could potentially work nicely for you - is a good system. Discuss your goals with the plastic surgeon, and he or she can tell you they are realistic and achievable, given your tissues.
Fit the chest. We use implant profile to help keep the implants looking natural on a woman's chest. There area a variety of profiles which allow us to choose larger implants to get more volume without having the implant extend under a patient's armpit. Discuss your honest goals with your plastic surgeon and you should get the right size.
There . There is a relatively complex decision-making process when it comes to breast implant size for breast augmentation. Much of this depends on you, the patient. But the majority of the decision falls on the expertise and experience of your plastic surgeon. I ask patients to bring photos of women from magazines who are too small, just right, and too large for the patient's taste. This gives us both a visual representation of what the patient is looking to become. I also examine the patient, take measurements, and evaluate the patient's overall frame. Based upon these results, there are a limited range of sizes of implants that can be placed within any given patient that will achieve aesthetically pleasing results. It's impossible to go from a very small a cup to a d cup safely because the skin can only handle a certain amount of stretch at once. Too much of a size change is safely achieved with staged surgeries. You should determine what type of look you're wanting to achieve. I've heard it said that there are three questions to ask a potential breast augmentation patient. Do you want to be noticed from across the table? Across the room? Or across the street? Comical as this may seem, announcing your choice also helps me as a surgeon to steer the patient in the right direction. Your level of physical activity does impact the size of the implants you may choose. Runners may not easily become accustomed to the weight of large implants. Most importantly is that the patient is happy, but the surgeon should be happy with his or her results, too. Plastic surgeons would likely agree that if a breast augmentation patient were to be unhappy with the size of her breasts after surgery, she usually wishes she would have gone with larger implants. But a good plastic surgeon can lead you to the ideal size for you when taking into account all of the factors.
Chest ~ Implant size. All patients who desire to undergo breast enhancenment and their plastic surgeons grapple with this issue on a daily basis. The size and shape of implant is chosen specifically to suit your frame i.e.The chest circumference as well as the width of each side of the chest/breast as the implant should not extend across to the middle or beyond the anterior axillary fold laterally. You choose with md.
Saline vs Silicone. Implant choices implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles in order to offer a custom-fit and natural-looking physique. It is also important to consider the substance and texture of an implant. In particular, those approved by the fda are filled with silicone or saline. Please note that the envelope containing saline is made of silicone. These materials impact the feel and look of a breast implant and are important factors in determining the desired appearance. https://pacificcenterplasticsurgery.com/procedures/face/chin-augmentation/.
Choosing your Size. This is the most common question i get. Each surgeon is different with how he/she discusses breast implant size with patients. I ask patients to bring in "goal photos" so that i can see what they are wanting. In my opinion, it is easier to know the patients goal when i see a photo vs. Someone telling me that they want to be a "c cup". Very clear communication with your surgery is very important.
Cup sizes. Cup size is a measurements used for bras it is measured around your back and the widest part of your breasts usually the middle. You can go to a department store and get sized but this will vary from 1 store to another. Surgeons use exact and precise volume measured in cc. Trying on different sizers is one of the best methods to get an idea of what volume you should get with a surgeons input.
Remember . Remember bigger is not sexier, better or prettier. The bigger, the heavier and the more they will stretch and droop the breast. Try several sizes use no bra and a tight fitting blouse and see how they look in relation to your abdomen, butt and hips. Please make sure the doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon.
Try on implants. In my experience, i feel the best way to choose your size is to try on various sizes of implants. I have patients place sample implants in a bra and put on a tight shirt. Stand in front of a mirror and look at how the implant matches with your hips and buttocks. My patients tell me this is very helpful and they feel confident with their choice of implant size.
Sizers. Sizers... The virtual reality photo imaging software rarely give you an accurate representation of how your breasts will look. Based on detailed measurements of your breasts, your plastic surgeon will recommend a rnage of sizes. The 'art' comes to play here... You are as important in the size decision as your surgeon. Bring pictures of breast sizes you would like.