Does regional anesthesia cause nausea? I’ll be having regional anesthesia for a minor procedure, but it’s scheduled for the same day i’m supposed to have dinner with friends I rarely see. I’d hate to miss it or feel sick.

Regional . Regional anesthesia gives you a better chance of avoiding general anesthesia which is the cause of the majority of postoperative nausea.
No. The benefit to regional anesthesia is that you can avoid most, or all, of the agents that cause nausea. Thus, the risk of nausea goes down dramatically. It is still possible, though, so be sure to ask your anesthesiologist for some anti-emetic therapy.
No. If you are purely having regional anesthesia, you should not feel nauseous. However, regional anesthesia is often given with sedation and any opioid pain medication could also cause nausea.
No. The cause of nausea in your case would be post-operative narcotics. If you take this sparingly you should be alright.
Many . Many factors contribute to nausea after a procedure. These factors include patient gender, age, location and type of procedure, timing relative to the menstrual cycle, and type of anesthesia. By reducing exposure to opiate pain medicines, like morphine, both during and after surgery and inhalational anesthetics ("gas" anesthesia), regional anesthesia does help reduce the rate of nausea. Because other factors are at play, its use does not eliminate the risk entirely.