Will lasik affect my peripheral vision? I have worn contacts for the past 20 years, and although they don't really bother me, I would like to be able to see without having to put them in every morning. However, I don't want to undergo any procedures that

Peripheral . Peripheral vision is more affected by wearing a strong glass prescription. Lasik and contact lens wearers both notice an improvement in peripheral when compared to wearing glasses.
One . One of the great things about lasik is the improved peripheral vision obtained over wearing glasses. Vision is only best through the optical center of spectacles and those with higher prescriptions learn that they need to turn their head in order to see well off to the side. When the correction is placed directly on to the cornea, peripheral vision is substantially enhanced.
Lasik . Lasik should allow you to have excellent peripheral vision. If you are a good contact lens wearer, then perhaps you should not undergo any procedure. Lasik does have a very low risk.