Can implantable contact lenses be used for severe myopia? I am very nearsighted, and I've been told that laser surgery might not be completely effective because of this. I don't want to undergo surgery if it won't give me 20/20 vision. Would implantable c

If . If you are not a good candidate for lasik, the alternatives are the implantable contact lens or a lensectomy. The latter is essentially a cataract surgery before the eye's natural lens has developed a cataract. Naturally there are pros and cons to these refractive surgeries. While it is impossible to guarantee an uncorrected visual acuity of 20/20 with any refractive surgery, most patients are very pleased with their result.
The . The icl is a wonderful technology. It is a lens that is placed inside of the eye to compensate for large amounts of nearsightedness. Sometimes it is combined with laser vision correction to fine-tune the result. If your prescription is too high for safe laser refractive surgery, you should seek the consultation of an implant surgeon who can counsel you further.