Do I have some kind of sleep disorder I fall asleep every night around 1 or 2am. I will stay asleep untill around 3pm if noone wakes me. But I always feel like I am on drugs when I wake up no matter how long or little I sleep I am also very hard to wake

It . It sounds like you are a night owl and have a delayed sleep phase. This is a type of sleep disorder that can be helped. I would seek advice from a local sleep specialist.
You . You may be sleeping a lot, but not getting good sleep, causing you to feel poorly during the day. You have probably tried this, but stop drinking any caffeine after noon, and have no alcohol after 7-8 pm if you drink. Don't drink any fluids within 1-2 hours of bedtime. Be sure that your room is cool; we don't sleep as soundly if it is too warm. Be sure not to use tvs, computers, or electronic devices within an hour of bedtime. Eat lightly during the day then a slightly larger meal at bedtime. You have other issues going on as well as sleep though it sounds like. Please consider having a medical evaluation including blood testing; some conditions such as hypothyroidism can cause sleeping too much ("hypersomnolence"). It sounds like you don't feel stress or depression are an issue, but both can cause hypersomnolence so if you think they may be, please seek out counseling.