Will tube shunt eye surgery restore my vision? Glaucoma has caused my vision to deteriorate, and I have been advised to undergo tube shunt eye surgery. Will the surgery make me be able to see perfectly again?

Unfortunately, . Unfortunately, glaucoma surgery will not restore vision lost to glaucoma. The optic nerve damage that results from high pressure is not reversible. The goal of glaucoma surgery is to reduce the eye pressure and prevent further loss of vision.
Vision loss. Not knowing all the details about your remaining visual function, I can only say that your glaucoma surgeon has advised tube shunt surgery to lower the intraocular pressure to a more acceptable level to protect the optic nerve to stabilize the remaining visual function. Unfortunately, Vision loss from glaucomatous optic neuropathy is irreversible.
No. Glaucoma surgery is done to prevent further visual loss. In glaucoma, any optic nerve damage is permanent.
No. It will help to control your eye pressure and hopefully maintain the vision you have now by slowing or stopping the progression of your glaucoma. Glaucoma causes permanent progressive damage to the optic nerve. Nothing can restore vision that has been lost to glaucoma, that is why early diagnosis and treatment are so important in this disease.