Does masturbation help prevent prostate enlargement?

Maybe. Prolonged abstinence from orgasm may cause some men to have some prostatic congestion and enlargement. The prostate enlarges due to the hormone testosterone. With "stasis" infection may occur. When men develop prostatitis, it is sometimes recommended an increase the number of ejaculations and even receive prostate massage. Sexual stimulation without ejaculation causes engorgement of prostate.

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Can masturbation prevent prostate enlargement?

Little science here. It would be difficult to find a control group. As recently as the mid-20th century, 'pop' / 'cult' claims that 'solitary vice' did terrible spiritual damage resulted in men trying very hard -- usually unsuccessfully -- to avoid the practice. Anecdotally, accelerated prostate hyperplasia seemed to result. Within reasonable limits, correlation between frequency ; BPH risk seems negligible. Read more...