How early can ear surgery be performed? My toddler has floppy ears, and I know that we are going to want to have ear surgery done to pin back his ears. Can this be done before he starts preschool?

As . As early as 4 years of age. The ear has attained 85% of the adult size by the age of 4. Seek a boarded pediatric ps in your area.
Preschool . Preschool age is roughly appropriate for otoplasty. Most surgeons wait until a child is at least 5. This is true for a few reasons 1. The psychological trauma of prominent ears in the school setting can be minimized early or prior to school enrollment 2. Many of the adult growth characteristics of ears are attained by the age of 5 more recent studies have demonstrated safety in surgery and good long term results as early as age 4. I would recommend visiting a few board certified plastic surgeons. Draft a list of questions prior to your consutation to make the most out of your visit. Good luck!
5-6 years old. Otoplasty is generally done no earlier than 5-6 years of age. By this time, the ear is about 85% of its adult size. Also, children tend to be teased about their appearance beginning around age 7 years old, so surgery done between 5 and 6 generally avoids teasing in school.