Does breast cancer reconstruction surgery look natural? I have to undergo a double mastectomy for breast cancer and am deciding whether to have breast cancer reconstruction surgery. Would the surgery leave my breasts feeling hard and unnatural? I might ch

No depending on how. Tram flap with your own tissue movement to recreate your breasts may have areas of fat necrosis - hardness. Subpectoral muscle silicone implants are more natural feeling but you may get a capsule a tight feeling. Best answer-- ask your plastic surgeon his experience - they have pictures good and bad to give you an idea of results then you can make an itelligent choice of what is right.
Breast cancer. No a breast reconstruction should not feel hard or unnatural. The main surgery I perform is the diep flap which uses the skin and fat of the abdomen to create natural feeling and appearinbrg breasts. With the release of silicone implants in the us market over the last few years we now can perform implant based reconstruction are natural in appearance and soft to the touch. Please see plastic surg.
Every. Every patient may have a different experience with implants. The majority of implants are not hard at all. There is another type of breast reconstruction called tram flap reconstruction that does not require the use of implants. Today women can also participate in picking out the color of the nipple to be tattooed onto the reconstructed breast. Some surgeons actually make a nipple using the patients' skin. The majority of reconstructed breasts that I have seen in my practice are beautiful. We have many talented plastic surgeons.
Options. There are many options available to patients needing reconstruction. The most natural way is using your own tissues. A diep flap is the most cutting edge way to achieve this natural result. It is using the abdominal fat /skin only (no muscle - as sacrificing your muscle is a tram). Find a diep center as this is a challenging technique that requires experience and expertise.

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Radical mastectomy is a type of surgery for breast cancer that involves removing all of the breast tissue, is this true?

Yes. A radical mastectomy is an older operation that is not performed anymore. It involved removing the entire breast, the pectoralis major muscle and all of the lymph nodes underneath the arm. A modified radical mastectomy might be what you are asking about. This operation removes the entire breast along with all of the lymph nodes underneath the arm.

I'm having acute pain from my radical mastectomy surgery wednesday. Normal? I have high risk breast cancer

Pain after surgery. You r expected to have some pain, often worse 2-3 days following the procedure because of inflammation of the traumatized tissues. If if the pain is too severe, you should contact your surgeon for instruction...Possible increase of pain meds or re-eval for possible infection etc...I wish you well on your course to recovery! Good luck..
Not normal. Acute pain, post-surgery is not normal. Contact your doctor. "high risk" breast cancer is no reason for acute pain.
Call your surgeon. It is normal to have some level of pain for the next few weeks after your sugery. I recommend you contact your surgeon and be evaluated.

Have blood in sputum took a pic, have liver enzmes going up and down, just had mastectomy for breast cancer stage 2 it's gone now, also just diagnosed di?

Recent Stage II. Treated breast cancer, will not have blood in the sputum, elevated liver enzymes you need to see your doctor work up, speak to your doctor need further work up for your condition, may not be related to your breast cancer.

55-y breast cancer after mastectomy with multiple liver spread, HER-2 (3+) and EGFR (+). 8 cycles of TH chemo, liver mass shrink then regrow, and now on oral capecitabine + Trastuzumab for 2 weeks, no improvement. Please suggest treatment.

MGT. I hope that you will seek a second opinion from a Cancer Center. There are treatment options, and finding the combination of therapeutic agents can sometimes be determined by lab testing.
Impossible as each- -case is different & only Your oncologist who is familiar with your situation can help you. This is the wrong venue for such questions.

Need to know if you would choose to undergo a double mastectomy just because your own mother died of breast cancer?

Sorry to hear. Family history, especially in a first degree relative like your mother, will statistically increase your risk but that does not mean you jump into getting mastectomies. Depends on many factors: how old was she when she got it? Anyone else in the family? Any personal risk factors present? Discuss this with your doc and get a personalized risk assessment.

Mom was at stage 4 breast cancer, done w chemo and double mastectomy, healing for radiation. Natural supplements that will fight or stop/slow spread?

Unknown. Good question, but answer is not clear as far as I know. Consider a multivitamin and/or calcium + vitamin d supplement with a healthy diet. Would avoid any types of hormonal supplements and strongly recommend she discontinue smoking. During radiotherapy, avoid high dose/potency antioxidants.
Healthy eating/exerc. Natural supplements that I would recommend are the daily and ample use plant based foods instead of animal based foods (fats and meats). Encourage her to eat veggies and fruits with each meal...These together should constutute half of her plate of food...This is a good guideline. Daily exercise in the form of walking is also important. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes, on at least on 5 days a week.
Unclear. There is little data to support the use of supplements in treating cancer.