How many ipl treatments would I have to get to lighten my sun spots? I have dark spots on my face from too much time spent at the beach. Although I've started using sunscreen, I want to get rid of the sun spots that I already have. Would it take more than

It depends. It is best to try a test spot to see if it'll work for you. Results are variable, sometimes good, sometimes not so much. If you do get improvement, overexposure to the sun once is often enough to bring them back. Other types of treatment may work better, so see a qualified profession in your area for an opinion.
Photofacial IPL. I usually recommend at least three treatments to achieve good results.
You . You generally need 3-5 ipl treatments to lighten dark sun spots on your face. The light from the ipl is fired at the spot causing the light energy to be absorbed by the pigment in the spot. The spot will then darken, freckle, and flake off over the next few days. One treatment will lighten the spot somewhat, but usually another few treatment 2-3 weeks apart will maximize your results.