How long will it take to recover from cataract surgery? I'm afraid of suffering from vision loss after cataract surgery. How long will it take until I can see clearly again? Will my vision always be a little blurry or will I have to wear glasses after the

Full healing 5 weeks. Vision better in1-3 days. Glasses post op depends on iol implant type ( bifocal/astigmatic/ standard) must be correct candidate for special implants your ophthalmologist will be able to tell you what type of implant your eyes qualify for.
Cataract surgery. Vision after cataract surgery recovers within a few days to a couple of weeks. Most patients see well without glasses for distance but some need a fine tuning prescription. Most patients need reading glasses and/or bifocals once stable.
Cataract . Cataract surgery should rapidly restore your vision. It may be possible to see well without eyeglasses, if you are a good candidate for a multifocal lens implant. Your eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) will be to further advise you. The link below will help you understand the lens implant choices now available.
It . It is rare for someone to lose vision after modern cataract surgery. How quickly vision improves after surgery, however, depends on how healthy the eye is (other than having a cataract), whether there is pre-existing astigmatism, and the choice of intraocular lens (iol) implanted at the time of surgery. Assuming a standard iol is chosen (the one covered by insurance) most people will still need glasses (spectacles) to see their best at both distance and near. Generally, the eye has healed enough to get checked for new glasses in about 3-4 weeks after uneventful surgery. With the astigmatism correcting iol (toric lens) many people can see well at distance within the first week after cataract surgery. However, they will still need reading glasses for computer and reading tasks. The last category of iols, called presbyopia correcting iols, result in a range of clear vision without the need for spectacles. If there was no pre-existing astigmatism then the vision with these iols is often quite good within the first few weeks of surgery. Some of these lenses (multifocal iols) can, however, take up to six months for the full benefit to be appreciated through a process called neuroadaptation - essentially the brain has to learn how best to use the new "bionic" lens.