Can I have eyelid surgery if I have glaucoma? My eyelids are puffy and sag, and sometimes they droop into my field of vision. I want to have this corrected with eyelid surgery, but I have glaucoma. Can I still get the surgery or are there any other option

Yes. . Glaucoma by itself does not preclude you from getting upper or lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). However, if you have had a trabeculectomy or shunt procedure for glaucoma, then the surgeon should be more judicious in recommending upper eyelid surgery and be more conservative with skin excision. Exposure of the filtering bleb from excessive skin excision can lead to serious complications.
Yes. Blepharoplasty is an effective treatment to remove excessive eyelid skin that interferes with vision. This procedure can safely be performed on patients who have glaucoma but an updated eye examination with your ophthalmologist before surgery is recommended.
Eyelid . Eyelid surgery is very successful at improving sagging eyelids. Your glaucoma should not interfere with eyelid surgery. If your upper visual field is blocked by your eyelids, then removing the excess will allow for more accurate visual field testing and therefore enhance future monitoring of your glaucoma.