How can I manage my asthma and allergies while I'm pregnant?

Multiple ways. Asthma during pregnancy: 30% of paitents worsen, 30% stay the same, and 30% improve. Treat and manage your asthma the same as if you weren't pregnant. Try to avoid allergens and triggers for allergies and asthma. Using a peak flow meter may help you to gauge teh severity of your symptoms. You should definitely get the flu shot during flu season. Many meds are safe to use--just consult your ob.
Asthma in Preg. For many patients, allergies and asthma go hand in hand. First, minimize your exposure to allergens (use anti-dust mite mattress and pillow covers, air filters, and filtered vacuums). Nasal irrigation can help many, such as a syringe or neti pot. Talk to your doctor about medicines. Zyrtec or Claritin (and their generics) are considered safe. Asthma medicines may need to be adjusted personally.