What are the most popular forms of glaucoma treatment for acute angle-closure glaucoma? I have just been diagnosed with acute angle-closure glaucoma (i take the anti-depressant citalopram, and my doctor thought this was the cause of the disease). Which gl

Laser surgery. Laser surgery, either iridoplasty and/or iridotomy, is the typical treatment for angle-closure glaucoma. If you have a cataract, removing the cataract will also work.
Angle-closure . Angle-closure glaucoma is treated with a laser iridotomy. This procedure will take 5 to 10 minutes. It will create a tiny hole in the iris (colored part of the eye that surrounds the pupil). This tiny hole will prevent a future angle-closure glaucoma attack from occurring as long as the hole remains open. Usually two iridotomies are performed in the single treatment session. This gives a spare tiny hole just in case one of the iridotomies scars closed later on. Many patients with angle-closure glaucoma often have a mixed-mechanism glaucoma with open-angle glaucoma, so the laser iridotomy will not always eliminate the need for glaucoma eyedrops to control the eye pressure. The link below will give you more information.