Do cheek implants look natural? My face doesn't have much structure to it, and I want to get cheek implants to add more definition. Will they be so obvious that people will notice or will they just subtly enhance my appearance?

I'm . I'm sorry that no one has answered your question. I am new to avvo and just came across it. Whether or not it looks natural depends on many factors, including how you look now, how big and where the implants are placed, etc. If you only need a subtle enhancement, the facial fillers (particulary radiesse) work very well and require very little recovery time.
Cheek augmentation. With implants can result in natural looks but there are other ways to augment your cheeks including fat grafting which is softer and also permanent without potential side effects from the implant placement. Ask your doctor about the options that are available for cheek augmentation and if fat is not discussed, find another doctor.