I need information on primary biliary cirrhosis I am a 69 year female was diagnosed in 2010. What is the best test to confirm the disease. And where would be the best place for a second opinion? What should I look for as signs of progessing in the dise

Liver biopsy. Is the gold standard, and a diagnosis cannot really be made without it, although blood tests, scans and medical history/family history can strongly suggest it. Most major medical centers. Like emory university hospitals in atlanta, have liver specialists who further sub-specialize in primary biliary cirrhosis. Increasing fatigue is most common symptom of progression, with jaundice and itching.
Primary . Primary biliary cirrosis is an autoimmune liver disease that occurs predominantly in women between the ages of 30 to 65. The hallmark of the disease is fatigue, itching, and right upper quadrant pain. Elevated elevated alkaline phosphatase levels, elevated igm levels, positive antimitochondrial antibodies in conjunction with a liver biopsy confirms the diagnosis. Hepatologist are gastroenterologist that specialize in diseases of the liver and can confirm the diagnosis. Emory hospital and piedmont hospital have physicians that specialize in the diseases of the liver. Worsening itching, bone pain, changes in skin color and worsening fatigue could be indications of progression.