Home treatments for slipped disc? Other than rest and ice, what can you do to help heal a slipped disc? How long does it take to fully heal?

Light exercise . Disc herniations (slipped discs) generally heal with time and light exercise for the core and pt. This frequently take 6-8 weeks but is some cases it can ytake up to 2 years to fully heal. Too much rest (over 2 days) can actually make your symptoms worse. Best to see you md to get an perscription for pt. If pt fails and your symptoms are severe, surgery can also be done as a last resort.
Weeks to Months. Generally most people can get relief from sciatic pain doing the conservative care within 3-6 weeks. If it persists after that, it can take up to 6 months to heal by itself. Consider core strengthening exercises while you are on your own at home. You may still be a candidate for epidural steroid injections that may help relieve the pain while your body heals itself.