I have just started getting flashes in my left eye. How serious is this? And do I need to see a dr. Immediatily? I don't have insurance. Please advise me. Thankyou

Flashes. You need to see an eye doctor asap. This could be signs of retinal tears, breaks, or detachment.
Flashes. Flashes are often associated with floaters. In this condition the liquid gel that fills the inside of the eye moves forward as part of the normal aging process. The gel is called vitreous, and when it moves forward the patient will often see brief flashes for days, weeks, or longer. Unfortunately, in a small percentage of patients, the vitreous gel tears the retina as it moves forward. This can lead to a retinal detachment which needs prompt treatment. The risk of retinal detachment is higher if there is near-sightedness (myopia), or a family history of retinal detachment. Only a comprehensive eye examination will reveal the cause of your symptoms. Please contact your ophthalmologist.