Diet pills is there such a thing as a diet pills that boost your metabolism and help you loose fat? I know things like hydroxycut and apidextra have been linked to serious health risks. Are there any safe alternatives to help get a boost on weight loss?

Yes. Not safe. Many diet pills increase heart rate and blood pressure. Beware and use only under medical supervision.
Short . Short answer: no. There is no completely safe diet pill that will boost your metabolism. Alli (generic = orlistat) is a pill that will block fat absorption in your intestines. This will accelerate weight loss but has some side effects such as greasy stools, gas, diarrhea and sometimes leakage. Prescription amphetamines will decrease your appetite and help with weight loss but there are some risks. Many herbal products are out there touting just take a pill solutions. Some herbal products have substances similar to prescription amphetamines but have had problems, as you mentioned with the ephedra containing products.