Can strong ceiling lights cause cataract to an infant if her eyes were exposed to such strong lights excessively for 2 years? When my daughter was two, her pediatric noticed she had a cataract in the left eye. Further exam at the ophthalmologist confirmed

No . Light has been shown to be toxic to the retina in premise. Uv lights can cause cataracts but seen with years of exposure. Your child probably has a posterior polar cataract. These types of cataract usually don't affect the vision significantly.
No. She probably had them since birth . Congenital cataracts sometimes they are small at birth and get worse with age, metabolic or infections disorders can cause cataracts also, they cam alao be heredidary ( positive family history)it is very important to take your daughter to a pediatric ophthalmologist to have her evaluated , if they are interfering with her vision they need surgical removal.
Not really. The common cause of cataract is congenital cataract in the infants. They can also develop cataract from trauma to the eye at early age. Long term (many years) of uv exposure from sun or uv light can cause cataract in adult but not in early childhood.