I am not able to have lasik eye surgery because of my corneas, but what about eye implants? I am desperate to be rid of my glasses and I recently had a lasik consult. They told me they could not perform lasik because of my corneas. Would eye implants be a

Corneal . Corneal implants are an option for a select set of near-sighted patients who do not qualify for lasik but are seeking vision correction. Intacs (http://www.Getintacs.Com/) are an fda-approved treatment for near-sightedness, and they work very well in patients with mild to moderate near-sightedness who do not have significant astigmatism. In general, the results of corneal implants can not be quite as precise as lasik or prk laser vision correction. However, in fda pre-market studies, 92% of patients were within 1d of intended correction with intacs (vs > 95 % with lasik), and >90% did reach the 20/20 level. If you would like to learn more about intacs and whether they would be a good option for you, come in for a free consultation.
In . In addition to intacs, as dr. Feldman suggested, intraocular lenses are now an option. For some patients, cornea laser refractive surgery is not recommended. Some patients have certain types of refractive error that are too great to correct with the laser. Instead, these patients could benefit from the placement of a lens inside of the eye. These lenses are called phakic intraocular lenses and have become an excellent alternative to laser surgery for select patients. Dr. Brad feldman who answered above is close to you. You should consider seeing him for a consultation as he is an outstanding eye surgeon.
ICL. Implantable contact lenses may be an option. See a doctor to be evaluated for this option.