For high level in your liver. Not sure what the correct term is but its at 300+ what kind of specicialist should you visit? My cousin has a very high level of enzymes (alt\sgpt?) in her liver. The hospital she’s in is terrible so I'm trying to find her a

Hepatologist. In places where you cannot find a hepatologist, please find a gastroenterologist.
There . There are many causes for abnormally high liver enzymes and some of them are more serious than others. It would be a mistake for anyone to tell you whether in this case the problem is a serious one or not, since we don't know the history or the time course. A hepatologist would be the best person to sort this out. However, hepatology is a subspecialty within gastroenterology, and if you can't find a hepatologist, a gastroenterologist would be fine as an initial point of contact.