Could my enlarged prostate be pinching my urethra?

Yes. That's why enlarged prostates can cause obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms like straining to void, incomplete emptying, etc.
My take is ... Yes, but the degree of mechanical urethral pinch is not linearly proportional to that of functional urethral pinch. Therefore, some men with big prostate may still void well, and others with small one will have a heck of voiding difficulty. To many - laypersons & some professionals alike, they construe voiding difficulty as prostate enlargement. So, bottom line is symptoms & bladder emptying...
Irritating. At your age of 30, an inflamed prostate could be irritating your urethra.In older age groups than you when the prostate is enlaged(BPH)it can pinch the urethra. If you are having such symptoms see a doctor.Good luck.