How long before another eye lift will be necessary? I'm looking into having an eye lift due to saggy and wrinkled skin but don't want to have this surgery several times. How long can I expect to have the results last for the first operation?

Depends. Depends on you skin turgor, genetics, sun exposure and brow position. Yet you should get many years of improvement from eye lift!
An . An upper blepharoplasty which addresses the upper eyelids is usually a one time procedure when done accurately. Rarely, patients may need a small touch up 10 or more years later but not very often. Good luck.
Most . Most of my patients have had lid lifts that have lasted ten or more years. This will vary from patients to patients, but I have seen patients do well with just one surgery.
Timeline. One should be able to expect a 7-10 year result. Variation is related to technique and your inherent aging (who you picked for mom and dad). Be healthy and be well, james m. Ridgway, md www.Larrabeecenter.Com.