Is multiple sclerosis ever fatal? I’ve just been diagnosed with ms. My doctor says most people live normal lives, but what about those who don’t? Do some people die from it?

Do not worry. Multiple sclerosis is a treatable and controllable disorder, and typically, if treated appropriately, there is a normal lifespan. In this day and age, we have potent oral meds, and promising infusion agents, and more on the way. Work with a ms specialist, supplement vitamin d, take a potent disease modifying agent, and you should do very well indeed.
MOST WILL DO WELL. Most will be ok. Some people can have neurological coplications.
Strictly . Strictly speaking, no. On average, life expectancy of patients with ms is only about 5 years less than that of normal individuals. That said, there are rare cases of particularly aggressive ms, that can result in rapid accumulation of disability. It is extremely uncommon for ms to be fatal; rather, it is the infections or other complications related to ms disability, that can be fatal.