Could I have multiple sclerosis even if my MRI was normal? I have a lot of the symptoms (muscle spasm, weakness, tingling down my back and legs), but my MRI didn’t show anything. Can an MRI miss ms?

Typically not. Mri is the most sensitive test available to aid in the diagnosis of ms. While there are rare cases of MRI negative ms, the vast, vast, vast majority of patients with ms have MRI abnormalities. Having said that, given your symptoms it would be important to know if the cervical and thoracic spinal cord were imaged. If brain and spinal cord imaging negative then not likely to be ms.
Complex. Usually MRI shows lesions if MS is answer, but on occasion need both images of brain and spinal cord. Sometimes, B-12 deficiency, Lyme disease, lupus, and other disorders can masquerade, so, please have these possibilities checked to be thorough. On occasion, a spinal tap may be very useful.
Unlikey but. also possible so see a neurologist who specializes in ms to be evaluated.
Unlikely! The symptoms you are describing do not sound like symptoms of ms however it is possible to have an attack of ms such as optic neuritis and have a normal mri.
This . This is very, very tricky. Yes, there are reported cases of mri-negative ms, but they are very rare, so it is paramount to rule out other conditions. It also helps if you get your MRI done on a 3 tesla magnet, which provides higher resolution and better detail than lower strength magnets.