What sort of results can I expect from facial reconstruction? I was in an accident several years ago and had several severe burns from it, including one that caused significant cosmetic damage to my left cheek. While there is nothing medically wrong with

Burn reconstruction. Is a challenging process due to the scarring that must constantly be dealt with in addition to mismatched color, skin characteristics, and simply the resulting appearance. If the areas involved are limited, there are some exotic methods of reconstruction involving free tissue transfers that can be quite impressive in the final result. Find a plastic surgeon well versed in burn reconstruction.
This . This is a very difficult question to answer without the benefit of pics or an exam. But surgery is characterized by scars. There are methods to optimize them, but no way to get rid of them completely. Plastic surgeons strive to hide or improve scars, but they still exist. Scars are treated least invasively with silicone sheets applied to the affected region, but they are not effective years following and injury. Dermabrasion is a minimally invasive option. A more invasive option is to excise the scarred region and replace it with neighboring skin with a "local flap". I would suggest visiting a local board certified plastic surgeon. Most will offer free consultations. Good luck!